had it for only a week, and I love my new tattoo more and more every second.


my smoke spot for the day ^.^
getting high in high places

hit the blunt just one time and see if your perception of whats important and whats not changes.

how i feel today.

how i feel today.

QuestionYou're a really hot bisexual. Answer

thanks doll :)


i’m bi-sexual. women are fucking beautiful, sexy, fun, desirable.

and you will know all about it. everything i do, you will either be there, or know about. 

but just because the above are true.. that doesn’t mean any pretty girl you see you can ogle over..

tell her shes pretty, sexy, hot, blah-dy fucking blah. 

it starts to make me feel insecure.

just got it today.
im addicted to the needle.

phase two, complete.
now to add a background..


First Planets Found Around Sun-Like Stars in a Cluster |

NASA-funded astronomers have, for the first time, spotted planets orbiting sun-like stars in a crowded cluster of stars. The findings offer the best evidence yet that planets can sprout up in dense stellar environments. Although the newfound planets are not habitable, their skies would be starrier than what we see from Earth.

The starry-skied planets are two so-called hot Jupiters, which are massive, gaseous orbs that are boiling hot because they orbit tightly around their parent stars. Each hot Jupiter circles a different sun-like star in the Beehive Cluster, also called the Praesepe, a collection of roughly 1,000 stars that appear to be swarming around a common center.

The Beehive is an open cluster, or a grouping of stars born at about the same time and out of the same giant cloud of material. The stars therefore share a similar chemical composition. Unlike the majority of stars, which spread out shortly after birth, these young stars remain loosely bound together by mutual gravitational attraction.

“We are detecting more and more planets that can thrive in diverse and extreme environments like these nearby clusters,” said Mario R. Perez, the NASA astrophysics program scientist in the Origins of Solar Systems Program. “Our galaxy contains more than 1,000 of these open clusters, which potentially can present the physical conditions for harboring many more of these giant planets.” continue reading

my girlfriend.

my girlfriend.